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Italian wine in Southern California

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"This ancient Calabrian wine region [Cirò] in sun-baked southern Italy offers a gorgeous countryside of ancient olive trees and undulating vineyards planted with a unique and often-misunderstood red grape—Gaglioppo. What's more, a new generation of winemakers is working to turn Cirò from a backwater to an appellation worthy of our attention."

- Robert Camuto, Wine Spectator

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Some of the best meals in Italy aren’t found in Rome or Tuscany, but from the southern region of Calabria. The toe of Italy’s boot is making a name for itself in food and wine circles, led by places like Ristorante Dattilo [owned and run by Ceraudo, and located on the grounds of their vineyard]… Known for spicy dishes and much of the world’s supply of bergamot, Calabria is pivoting toward lighter fare, organic farming and wine made from local grapes."

- Danielle Pergament, New York Times

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About 2,000 years ago, Magno Megonio, a refined centurion of the Roman age, left a vine to his heirs through the oldest document about winemaking and viticulture ever found: It was carved on marble columns and still today it is stored in the cathedral in Strongoli, in Calabria in the south of Italy. A lesser-known wine region that is quietly growing, its wonderful wines and, above all, wonderful people deserve to be known worldwide. Although it has only 27,181 acres with limited production... Calabria offers more than 100 indigenous grapes, the highest number in Italy.  

- Chiara Giorleo, Napa Valley Times


Eileen Rivkin and Julia Hodge of IVDC Wines, along with vintner partners Marrelli Wines, are interviewed for Italian Television.